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Depositing checks


(for under 18)
PrimePeoples Money Market
Minimum Opening Deposit$5$100$10,000
Online BankingFreeFreeFree
Requirement to Waive Monthly Maintenance FeeNo maintenance fees1$100 minimum balance$10,000 minimum balance
Monthly Maintenance Fee (if requirements above are not met)None$1.00$14.95
Transaction Limitation3 free withdrawals per month3, $0.25 for each additional withdrawal3 free withdrawals per month3, $0.25 for each additional withdrawal6 restricted transactions per month3, $10.00 for each additional restricted transaction
ATM TransactionsNoneFree at MoneyPass ATMs4,5None
Check Order DiscountFree deposit and withdrawal slips6Free deposit and withdrawal slips6Free wallet – style specialty checks6

Primary account holder must be under 18 years of age, with an adult as a joint account holder.
2Refer to the Peoples Bank deposit rate sheet for current rates, compounding and crediting, and other balance information.
3Federal regulations require banks to limit the way withdrawals may be made from a savings or money market account. Preauthorized withdrawals (transfer by telephone, wire or PC, overdraft protection, or automatic payments) and transfers or withdrawals by check or similar order payable to third parties are limited to a combined total of six per month. If withdrawal limitations are exceeded three times in 12 months, the account will be closed or converted to a checking account.
4$3.00 transaction fee for each transaction at an ATM outside of the MoneyPass network. The ATM owner outside the MoneyPass network may also apply a surcharge.
5ATM card only available with a checking account in the same name.
6Orders must be placed with Peoples Bank to receive a discount.

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